Homepage About Anise

The African Network for Influenza Surveillance and Epidemiology (ANISE) is a network of laboratorians, epidemiologists, public health officials, clinicians, veterinarians, researchers and policy-makers who work together to strengthen the capacity for surveillance and research related to influenza and other respiratory viruses in Africa.

ANISE was founded in 2009, and currently has more than 260 members from more than 30 countries working on improving detection, case management, control and prevention of influenza and other respiratory viruses in Africa.  

ANISE has promoted the use of standardized protocols for surveillance of respiratory illnesses with the vision to estimate influenza-associated disease and economic burden in the continent. Another important activity for the network is to facilitate capacity building in epidemiology, laboratory and surveillance. This has been achieved through one-to-one exchanges between members of various participating countries and also through convening workshops on topics such as data management, scientific writing, molecular diagnostic methods and disease burden estimation.

Individuals interested in becoming members of the network should send an email to ANISE@cdc.gov.